This Time Tomorrow (2017) - Physical CD

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‘This Time Tomorrow’ is an album written as Lloyd traveled through Europe, Central and North America and delivers driving rhythms that return Spiegel to his gutbucket blues roots. Shady and colourful characters spread out over continents and decades, through places forgotten and familiar. ‘This Time Tomorrow' is a return in fine form from an artist at the top of his game and lead track ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ sets the mood of the album right from the get go. 

Says Spiegel of the album:

“I’ve never written at home. I find it hard to be creative in my lounge room looking at bills and checking footy scores and find that the inspiration to write comes from those few quiet hours in a hotel room on tour, the airport transit lounge or the long bus ride is where I can reflect and put those experiences into lyric. I've traveled most of my life so really, they're like letters home."