New ablum 'Cut and Run' out September 3!
New ablum 'Cut and Run' out September 3!
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Track Her Down (single) - Hi Res Digital Download
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Track Her Down (single) - Hi Res Digital Download

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For those of you who care about sound quality, this is a 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV file of 2019 Single 'Track Her Down', That means CD quality!


Aussie acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Lloyd Spiegel is pleased to unveil a brand spanking new song ‘Track Her Down’ - a deep and soulful blues number about the fleeting, yet precious nature of connections he makes with people on the road and the fragility of personal relationships for a traveling musician.

 From his teenage years cutting his teeth in Melbourne’s dive bars, to spending his twenties touring the USA in Greyhounds, Spiegel has finished his thirties at the top of his game as one of the top dogs in acoustic blues. His skills as a guitarist, his huge voice and even bigger on-stage personality are seeing him recognised around the world - and the travel and experiences sparked by his nomadic lifestyle inspires much of his writing. 

Says Spiegel of the new song,

“‘Track Her Down’ isn’t really about a person or a place. It was probably an amalgamation of several women I met over the years who I wanted to get to know better but simply didn’t have the time and had to keep travelling. The greater story of the song is that the lifestyle I lead often doesn’t allow me to have anything but fleeting connections with people, and I don’t take those connections lightly; I carry them a lot more seriously than people may imagine.”

‘Track Her Down’ presents a different musical face for Spiegel and adds elements likely to surprise long-time fans. It brings a cruisy Memphis groove in place of his usual arsenal of blazing acoustic guitar chops, with horns and a sparing melodic guitar break rounding out the picture.